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ABOUT True Food...

Artisan food, handmade with love in London.

True food was born from a dream. A dream of creating something we could be proud of. And a mission to change the way Londoners ate.

no more rush, no more added ingredients no more chemicals. only healthy meals created from scratch every day.

Here is our story...

It was 2015 Marco and Simone, both unhappy with their job meets. Straightway it was a strong synergy thanks to Marco's experience in the organic industry and the skills developed by Simone working with chefs from all around the world..

So we decided to start producing small bacth 0f handmade organic grab and go lunch in our tiny kitchen in hackney wick.

So we begun to build a loyal following for our unique approach to the food and a solid net of local supplier.

Soon we moved in our current kitchen based in Bethnal Green and we started approaching a more bigger sea made of supper club and caterings and also offering a private labels service for those without the opportunity to create food but who share with us this dream made of tasty and healthy food.

Now we are proud to produce a wild range of different products from organic raw vegan dishes to more greedy and indulgent sausage rolls... all our product are always homemade daily, using the freshness and best ingredients from ethics and local producer.